Name change change malfunction

In-game name: Toaster
New name: Toaster00
im really really sorry. I recently got my name changed, thank you 32294, but it’s not letting me log in. I’ve tried reloading my account and that wouldn’t work as well, so I had to reset it back to my original name. as much as I don’t like it, I’m willing to bear it if that means I get to play on the server. I know it says I can’t change my name for 3 months, but Im throwing my shot. If not ill wait. I’m really sorry

exactly what happens when you try to join with the name Toaster?

it said i had a name change and my account is banned. my microsoft account has the 2 zeros as well, so im assuming it sees it as a different account trying to log in.
Update: turns out there was already a toaster on the server back in 2020, had a friend long in to check, i wanted to log in trough tlauncher thinking i could log in with that name


If there was actually another player with the name before thats rather concerning… I kinda assumed that you checked that it was already free…

although if the account hadn’t logged in since 2020… thats over a year so the name is free for the taking

i will fix this mess in the morning and reply then.

I think you should be fine to login with the Toaster name now, using your previous password…

Seen that you logged in. assuming everything is fixed now because you didn’t say anything… If there any other issues send me a DM.

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