MythicMC Parkour Map Contest

Hello everyone, today we are hosting a contest to build maps for a new Parkour minigame in Games world. This contest will run for one month, ending on 24th November.

Map Specifications

  • The map should not just be an obstacle course flying in the void, it must have surroundings e.g. nether themed or water underneath or anything else so the void underneath is not visible.
  • You must create checkpoints with pressure plates.
  • You must put a difficulty rating on the map: Easy/Medium/Hard.
  • The map must be built in Mythic, if you wish to build outside Mythic e.g. in single-player, then you will be required to upload a WorldEdit schematic for your submission.
  • Any size is fine as long as its reasonable, preferably do not exceed 250x250. If you need more room you can build it vertically to go higher into the sky
  • Please avoid using redstone until stated otherwise.
  • You are allowed to use any blocks or items, as long as it was introduced in 1.16 or earlier.


  • You are allowed to submit multiple maps.
  • You are allowed to team with others to build the map.
  • You may submit submissions until the results are announced (even after the deadline if the results are delayed).


  • The winning teams will receive a large undisclosed sum of money and items from the store upon the end of the contest.
  • All entrants will receive a small cash prize depending on the quality of their map from $0 for stupid submissions and up to $25000 for good ones.

Reply or ping on Discord if you would like more information or to discuss any of the rules.

To submit your build, reply to the post with the following format:

Minecraft username(s):
Location in Mythic (world/coordinates):

If you built your build outside of Mythic, you must privately message me on either forums or Discord with the schematic download and put Messaged schematic on Discord/forums as the location. Do NOT post the schematic in public.

What is the minimum and maximum size we can build?

Any reasonable size is fine as long as it is under 250x250, more info on this has been added to the post

How do we submit?

I have updated the post to include a format that you can reply to this post with to submit your builds

Can we use any blocks/ items that we want for the event?

Yes, any block/item is allowed

Minecraft username: Parth_

Location in Mythic (world/coordinates): creative world at /plot visit Parth_ , Coordinates = +1019,80,-1326

Username: Morvin
Location: Under my creative plot. (-500 45 80)
[preferred pos1 and pos2 of the cuboid selection : -418 60 64 -526 1 172]


best with Night Vision/Light blocks and warped_nether biome

Prizes were given out, the contest is long past over now.