Move my house from Artby to Oblivion

Hey so I am gonna make a new fac, for that, I need any admin/mod to move my house currently in artby fac to the new oblivion fac which I just made.
In-game name: Parth_
First position coordinates: (My house in artby) -2937/-1427 top till bottom
Second position coordinates: (To my fac Oblivion) -7083 -7733
What to do? (clear, fill, move): move it
In short move my 4 chunk plot to any claimed chunks of my fac and make it face East.

Please specify a cube section, with 2 corner points for what to move. I’d rather not have to guess what you want because i see there is stuff under your house, some of which looks to extend beyond your plot. (mainly the creeper farm if that’s yours, which is a horrible design and sorry ik unrelated but I have a bit of OCD when it comes to farms being not as efficient as possible)

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Getting the exact points will be a pita but, I want the house full like from scute farm in the air till the Killzone of the creeper farm.

And yeah move it to the plot where the pathway joins near my f home (right from f home).

The creeper farm extends outside of your plot…

yeah, I guess by 1 or 2 blocks just cut it and paste and I’ll remove extra land from artby then.

hmm or do one thing move the plot with the basic farms underground and separately move the creeper farm?


The cords above might include 2-3 blocks of extra land outside my plot but ill remove that after transfer. Kindly move the creeper farm separately. Thank you!

Seems FAWE is having some problems since the 1.18 update… Creative was having some problems earlier.

You didn’t warn me there was entities and I ofc didn’t realize, but turns out even using the right command it still left the entities anyways :l Ended up getting it to move some of the physical entities eventually, although most I had to place in animal traps. Sadly the item frames were not so lucky… Your going to have to place all of them again, as anything I tried still broke them so I left all of them in chests in front of your house… There may be some missing, if that’s the case please tell me.

You also didn’t give me a very specific spot to paste it… so i put it where i thought it should go.

As for why I didn’t do this earlier, I figured a problem might occur from the 1.18 update (and it did) so I wanted to make sure I had enough time to deal with a problem if it did happen and if you haven’t noticed I’ve been busy on an event as well as college. This took about 1-1.5 hours of work to do because of issues.

I only mention this because you decided to ping me multiple times about doing it, which is really not acceptable. Fill out the format properly and be patient as staff have lives and other things to do. Next time you ask me to do a request after you’ve already made a post i’m just going to let it sit for a month before I do it because it’s rather annoying and makes me want to do it less.