Missing spider spawner

Ingame name: Thegreatwar_
Discord name: Edwardpost#0001
Topic: Missing spider spawner of a quad spider spawner.


A little while ago (after the change that we cant mine spawners anymore) I bought a quad spawner of Elecktrickery. The spawners where nice activated from one middle point. I’m now mining the whole area and I’m missing my last spawner… I don’t know where it went :confused:

The spawner is located in the chunk: 189 274
With the coords of: 3032 40 4387
Edit: to get to the area go to warp /warp saspider

This is the chunk where the spawner should be. I dont know what happened and where the spawner went. I’m waiting in patience for ur reaction.

Second edit: it might have been Kingyyyy with using tnt. but in that case it should count as a bug right? since spawners should be indestructible. Im sorry to disturb u guys with this :frowning:

Kinds regards War

Its a long time ago that i actually bumped smth

Resolved in-game, restored the spawner and noted the bug that lets them break.

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