Lost my Inventory

In-game name: Juliancito
Coordinates: -403 70 -345
Time: ~10:48 AM (Spain)
Was looting a timed out faction I found today. My wifi dropped by one bar, I started to lag a little bit and got killed by a zombie. I immediately did /back, but everything was gone. I had:
-1 god diamond axe (no mending)
-1 god diamond pickaxe (no mending)
-1 Ukraine flag banner
-1 Ukraine flag custom shield
-The rest, just some torches, trapdoors and random cheap blocks.

The cause behind this was not a server bug and therefore nothing will be done.

As a reminder, we only restore inventories for inventory losses caused by game bugs or similar, and never for lag issues, even if you didn’t disconnect and died normally and don’t find items when running /back. /back is only given to members as convenience. Items despawn and that’s very likely what happened.

If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me in forums.