LAG MACHINE -aaditya44 -32294

In-game name: aaditya44
Discord ID: aaditya44#8895
Ban Reason: making a lag machine
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading: i know i have been banned several times before and this time i seriously wanna come back .
Apology:i promise i wont try this again. i was trying to make a roller coaster type thing , then my crazy mind made me make this thing which i saw the other on yt shorts. i promise i wont do anything again pls gimme this last chance .I have read the rules serveral times and i wont do such things again . SRRY

Mind telling me everything else you have been banned for so far?

i promise won’t
do anything again

that’s not what I asked you.
I’ll ask again and actually answer this time if you want to get unbanned:

i know i have been banned several times before and this time i seriously wanna come back .

What is every reason you have been banned for before on this server

  1. banned for killing pet
  2. making a death trap
  3. making lag machine

I’m sure you were told to re-read the rules the last 2 times then, since from what I can tell they were perm bans as well.

So tell me, why should you be unbanned a 3rd time after you’ve proven you can’t follow the rules with your previous 2 chances?

i promise i will follow them by me heart
i really want this last chance

Why should i trust your promise tho, especially after you’ve clearly shown you didn’t take your previous chances serious enough to not get banned again each time?

i guess u just gotta trust me plus if i got banned again i wont even appeal the next time
i am serious

Sorry but i ended up getting busy with other things.

Anyways i honestly don’t see a reason why i should trust you tho, if you don’t give me a good enough reason why i should in your next reply then your staying banned.

there is now way i can proof you i am sorry for things i done now its up to u

Honestly i can’t trust you to do the right thing when this is your 3rd ban, and clearly you didn’t put much effort into giving me a reason why i should unban you.

so i’ll return the favor by putting no effort into unbanning you.

Appeal denied

~ Closed ~