_Inugami - Having more than 1 account - StanMan_1

In-game name: StanMan_1
Discord ID: AmIHandsome?#1058
Ban Reason: Having more than 1 account
Plead: Guilty or Innocent
Reason for pleading: I have played this server for 2 weeks ago, and i have used another account which is my premium account ( StanMan_1 ) i hope that nothing gonna happened but then the staff banned me for using 2 accounts, the 1st one is absolutely nothing in there, i have transferred all the stuff into the premium account so please unban me i hope we can get more friendly, though it was a mistake, im sorry for not telling u at first
Apology: I really apologize for my mistake. Can this ban appeal unban my account, i have trans all my stuff to my newest account ( DatChuaHe) i really appreciate if u unban me, this mistake is not allowed to occur the 2nd times, i promise with all of my Loyalty