Horse dissapearence

i just dont really understand how but… It happened.Today i came to mythic and i remmembered about my horses that i havent seen in a long time since my friend had a lockette on their doors and had my old username (wich was prosprout10) and i just came to check on them so i got throught the walls and not even a single one was there. I really didnt know wich topic to use because i dont know what happened to them… If Someone needs coords : 6606 62 81

Thats all i know about it,so i hope i can get them back.


The cords were just to a fenced area in the middle of wild, yet you mentioned a locked door and that you had to get through the walls?

Are you sure those are the right cords?

Oh sorry those were wrong cords, the coords are -6606 62 818
(Forgot another 8)its a small room in my faction and if you tp when you look on the side you will see some sheeps and cows;
Outside is rest of my faction.when u tp you will see doors infront.those are doors im talking about.They have lockettes from my friend that timed out and my old user (prosprout20)

A player killed the horses and was dealt with accordingly.

I put the horses back but while doing this i noticed your faction is very close to the animal limit of 50 animals per faction. With a total of 49 animals i could find with 43 of them being chickens… I’d highly advise reducing the number of chickens there are to avoid accidentally going over the animal limit.

Thanks! Can i know who killed them ?

also i really do need to do something about the animals, and i will.
Thanks again :smile:

Its kind of irrelevant who killed them because they weren’t in your faction, if they were i would have already told you. I dont remember who did it at this point and im not going to go look again.

Also forgot to mention that since the owner of the locks hasn’t logged in for a month you can break the locks yourself rather than breaking into the side of the building.

alright! Thanks!