Everyday maths - 7(17^2)

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Consider two vectors a,b in the xy plane. The lengths of a and b satisfy the following conditions:

|a| = sqrt(1-x)
|b| = sqrt(2x+1)

for some real number x in [0,1).

Furthermore, the angles between vectors a and b is 30 degrees. (Or pi/6 radians if you’re weird)
(See figure)

Then, the largest value of |a+b| can be expressed in the form of sqrt(x+y*sqrt(z)) / 2 for some positive integers x,y and a positive integer z such that sqrt(z) cannot be simplified further. Find (x,y,z).

Bonus points if you find a method that does not use calculus.

I’ll edit in my solution after… idk when I feel like it.

Just realized I used the variable x twice… oh well they’re different x’s in case you get confused.

me here doing trigo and confused af of what this is :confused:

Please put some questions that the younger people can also solve. :pray:

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Aight it’s been 16 days and still no answers so I’m just gonna post my solution here.


Considering there were questions about complex numbers and determinants of 3x3 matrices, I just assumed we’re talking about math questions that are approximately high school level math, in which case I don’t believe this question is inappropriate.
Law of cosines is taught in trig class.
Cauchy-Schwarz inequality (n=2) and AM-GM inequality are taught as well.
The numbers may be ugly, but that’s irrelevant.
It is complicated, but it does not involve college math.

p.s. There is a typo in the middle line
Just in case, we need to verify that the value of x which results in this maximum value is in [0,1)
but I can’t be bothered to fix it in the picture so deal with it c:

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Anyway it is a new fresh month, let’s start and continue!
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Question for 60th day in 2023 (1st March):
For three straight lines A, B and C, what is the way to know if they can form a triangle?

the archiving was an accident and i undid it then ._.

But i will answer your question in a dumb way:

Draw all 3 lines on a piece of paper and line them up in a way that’d make a triangle, if they don’t make a triangle they can’t make a triangle.

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yay a fresh new month!
Cod promises, no, will just try, to continue posting this every day, and includes questions for those days without posts.

Happy April Fool!
Day 91:
Calculate the divorce rate in MythicMC. I don’t have the data so I can’t tell the answer, but if any staff would like to share it, I appreciate for it.

Day 92: 2nd April 2023

Day 93: 3rd April 2023



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Day 94: 4th April 2023



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Try graphing this:

Great graph that represents a fire haircut, ask your barber next time you go to the barbershop to give you one that satisfies the equation :smiley:

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Day 173: 22nd June 2023

Day 174: 23rd June 2023
Area of sector with radius = 7 cm, and angle subtended at the centre is 30 degree.

Answer: Area of the sector ≈ 12.83cm²