Discord ticket: UsuallyBacon - Griefing - _Althia_

26/01/2021 - UsuallyBacon#0386 (702842241735196705) - Times are in GMT +5:30
Ticket title: Althia
Channel ID: 803638431396790322

[20:22] Astelon_: What’s your ingame name? :pufferthink~1:
[20:24] UsuallyBacon: In-game name: Alien_Yeetus / UsuallyBacon (New Username)
Discord ID: UsuallyBacon#0386
Ban Reason: Griefing
Plead: Not Actually Griefing / False Ban
Reason for pleading: I was fishing with my friend when i got suddenly Banned, With a thing i didn’t do.
[20:59] UsuallyBacon: In-game name: Alien_Yeetus / UsuallyBacon
[21:03] UsuallyBacon: Alien_Yeetus
[21:03] UsuallyBacon: uhoh

27 January 2021

[03:22] Althia: @ UsuallyBacon so you haven’t griefed anything?(edited at 03:35)
[03:23] Althia: also registering a new account as you did is evading your ban
[03:23] Althia: I will therefore be banning your new account
[10:07] UsuallyBacon: kk
[10:08] UsuallyBacon: i actually changed my name, since i didnt like it, so practically its the same account
[10:08] UsuallyBacon: is that fine with the rules?
[10:09] UsuallyBacon: like changing names
[13:07] UsuallyBacon: hello?(edited at 13:07)
[13:07] UsuallyBacon: ;-;
[13:22] ibu2awesome: they are currently asleep/busy, you will have to wait for a while
[13:31] UsuallyBacon: okay, thanks
[13:31] UsuallyBacon: is it okay if i ask a few questions?
[13:38] UsuallyBacon: Explanation why i asked for ban appeal in detail: i “registered” a new account, which is technically still the same account, i forgot i was still banned, knowing i would get banned again if i didn’t ask for a ban appeal, so that’s why i decided to get a ticket.

Plead: I didn’t actually “grief” i was fishing, (or that’s what i recall from memory) with a person who was in the faction “Brioche” i had no such memory of griefing, i think its a false report.(edited at 13:39)
[16:40] Althia: It’s still evading your ban
[16:41] Althia: So you never took any item from chests that weren’t yours?
[16:50] UsuallyBacon: yup
[17:40] Althia: I’ll say this now, lying will get your ban appeal denied
[17:40] Althia: Saying the truth, even if you did something bad will get you unbanned
[17:41] Althia: So you never took BiteSizedBeaner’s items?
[17:41] Althia: He had a 6-chunk plot with a medieval house
[17:51] UsuallyBacon: im saying the truth, i saw his house, ( i think ) but never took any of his stuff, all ive been doing is mine at the end mine and getting money, stealing wouldnt help me at all
[21:53] UsuallyBacon: am i able to still get a ban appeal?
[23:00] Althia: So what you are saying is that I banned you without any proof?
[23:20] UsuallyBacon: if thats what im saying

28 January 2021

[01:37] Althia: is that a yes or a no?
[09:52] UsuallyBacon: yes
[09:53] UsuallyBacon: unless, you know
[16:35] Althia: Unfortunately for you logs exist
[16:38] Althia: If you keep lying I’ll have to deny your ban appeal

29 January 2021

[15:06] Althia: So? What do you decide to do? @ UsuallyBacon
[15:07] UsuallyBacon: well
[15:07] UsuallyBacon: i guess i gotta play somewhere else i guess
[15:07] UsuallyBacon: that seems best right?
[15:08] Althia: Just for your information, when I banned you, you never denied the fact that you griefed Brioche
[15:09] UsuallyBacon: cause i was bored at the time and decided not to get a ban appeal until a few days ago
[15:10] Althia: You know that you could have been unbanned if you had been truthful and actually felt sorry for what you did
[15:10] Althia: Bruh
[15:10] UsuallyBacon: but i did
[15:10] UsuallyBacon: its just that i was confused
[15:11] UsuallyBacon: i dont remember griefing but if evidence proof i did grief then i cant deny(edited at 15:11)
[15:12] Althia: This was a long time ago, we moved away
[15:12] Althia: We never make false bans
[15:13] UsuallyBacon: well thats what i thought
[15:13] Althia: It’s your problem if you can’t remember breaking rules
[15:13] UsuallyBacon: ok
[15:13] Althia: I was there, I saw the logs, and you faced the consequences of your actions
[15:14] UsuallyBacon: cool
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