Discord ticket: tiiq - =_Lord_, ban evader - CONSOLE

09/03/2021 - iamtiiq#4849 (818840346015825930) - Times are in GMT +5:30
Ticket topic: tiiq - lord ban evader - consol
Channel ID: 818842223189426196

[19:31] iamtiiq: In-game name: Tiiq
Discord ID: 4849
Ban Reason: innocent
Plead: innocent.
Reason for pleading:
[19:38] Althia: @ iamtiiq ban appeal denied
[19:39] Althia: fuck off Lord ;))
[19:49] iamtiiq: Wtf???
[19:49] iamtiiq: Im not lord man
[19:49] Althia: too bad for you then
[19:49] iamtiiq: Oh common
[19:49] Althia: can I close this ticket?
[19:49] iamtiiq: No
[19:49] Althia: I take that as a yes, great ;D
[19:50] iamtiiq: So ur thinking im lord??
[19:50] iamtiiq: I aint man
[19:50] iamtiiq: Do your stupid xhecks or whatever
[19:50] iamtiiq: Ip check
[19:50] iamtiiq: Thingy
[19:51] iamtiiq: It aint him
[19:51] iamtiiq: Hes asking for my password rn
[19:51] iamtiiq: I aint givin it to him
[19:51] iamtiiq: Cmonn
[19:52] Althia: so you do know him?
[19:53] Althia: I highly advise you to change your tone with me
[19:54] iamtiiq: Yes
[19:54] iamtiiq: He goes to my school
[19:54] iamtiiq: Im sorry
[19:54] Althia: right
[19:54] iamtiiq: Hes known to be a cheater in any server
[19:54] Althia: also known as a ban evader :slight_smile:
[19:55] Althia: any proof that you’re not him?
[19:55] iamtiiq: No like xrays and gly hacks
[19:55] iamtiiq: How do you want me to prove?
[19:55] Althia: I already know all that
[19:55] iamtiiq: Oh
[19:55] Althia: and you know that I know it
[19:55] iamtiiq: Im just saying the things i know about him
[19:55] Althia: any proof will do
[19:56] Althia: good luck lol
[19:56] iamtiiq: Like what?
[19:56] Althia: you find it
[19:56] iamtiiq: I dont know lol
[19:56] Althia: it’s your job to prove your innocence
[19:56] Althia: not mine
[19:56] iamtiiq: Well i said chevk my IP address
[19:57] iamtiiq: The account that i a registered
[19:57] Althia: they match
[19:57] iamtiiq: Should be differnet to his right?
[19:57] Althia: why do you think you got banned?
[19:57] iamtiiq: They match?
[19:57] Althia: they do
[19:57] iamtiiq: How do they match?
[19:57] Althia: IPs have coordinates
[19:57] iamtiiq: Im in a completely differnet area to him
[19:57] Althia: and they show the same place
[19:57] iamtiiq: Are you sure?
[19:57] Althia: yes I am
[19:57] iamtiiq: Or are you just saying it
[19:58] Althia: enough chitchat
[19:58] iamtiiq: Cuz im pretty sure they not
[19:58] Althia: you have a proof or not?
[19:58] iamtiiq: I actually dont know :frowning:
[20:00] Althia: that’s too bad for you
[20:03] Althia: if you have no way of proving your innocence there’s no point in wasting your time and appeal @ iamtiiq
[20:03] iamtiiq: Shall i message him?
[20:04] iamtiiq: But what use would that do?
[20:04] iamtiiq: Is that proof?
[20:04] iamtiiq: Like idm
[20:04] iamtiiq: Idk
[20:04] Althia: it wouldn’t no
[20:05] iamtiiq: Cmon please just tell me what proof
[20:05] iamtiiq: Forget it then
[20:05] iamtiiq: No point lol
[20:06] iamtiiq: Is this a uk server btw?
[20:06] iamtiiq: Or U.S
[20:06] Althia: not my job to prove your innocence
[20:07] iamtiiq: You could at least tell me what you need
[20:07] Althia: and not my job to answer a banned player’s questions
[20:07] Althia: as I told you, it’s your job, not mine
[20:07] Althia: use your brain
[20:07] Althia: you did use it register several accounts
[20:07] Althia: but can’t use it to unban yourself lol
[20:08] Althia: that’s pretty pitiful
[20:08] iamtiiq: *lord
[20:08] Althia: ?
[20:09] iamtiiq: It was lord who made thos accounts
[20:09] Althia: indeed
[20:09] Althia: but you are Lord
[20:09] iamtiiq: i am not
[20:09] iamtiiq: *
[20:09] Althia: then prove it
[20:09] Althia: lol
[20:13] iamtiiq: Forget it man
[20:13] iamtiiq: I dont record whilst playing
[20:13] iamtiiq: So i cudda shown you that
[20:14] iamtiiq: Even my IP thing but apparently it shows im lord
[20:14] Althia: want the proof?
[20:14] Althia: lol
[20:14] iamtiiq: Ima just go to another server
[20:14] iamtiiq: What proof?
[20:14] Althia:

(IP has been hidden to protect the player’s privacy)
[20:15] iamtiiq: Ima log in to my computer
[20:15] iamtiiq: Will that change?
[20:15] iamtiiq: It
[20:15] Althia: weird for someone who lives in a completely different area don’t you think?
[20:16] Althia: your IP changed after that
[20:16] Althia: I was waiting for you to register this account to ban you
[20:16] Althia: no point in denying it
[20:16] iamtiiq: Really?
[20:16] iamtiiq: Holdup
[20:16] Althia: this is enough to prove that you are guilty
[20:20] Althia: are you done denying? @ iamtiiq(edited at 20:20)
[20:20] iamtiiq: Im still loading
[20:21] Althia: loading what exactly?
[20:21] iamtiiq: My minecraft
[20:21] Althia: in order to do what exactly?
[20:22] iamtiiq: Lord might have tried to log into mine
[20:22] Althia: I’m sure he did
[20:23] Althia: since you’re the same person :slight_smile:
[20:23] Althia: @ iamtiiq nothing to say about this?
[20:23] Althia: you claim that you live far away from each other
[20:24] Althia: yet your accounts are both on the same IP
[20:24] Althia: that is only possible when the accounts are used with the same internet connection
[20:25] Althia: you’ll have to come up with a very good excuse to explain this
[20:26] iamtiiq: Okay there
[20:26] iamtiiq: Iv logged in but im banned
[20:27] Althia: I honestly don’t care
[20:28] Althia: @ iamtiiq answer this
[20:31] iamtiiq: He tried to join the server with my account
[20:31] iamtiiq: But he flopped
[20:32] iamtiiq: Ill strangle him for you
[20:32] Althia: then was it before or after you registered?
[20:33] iamtiiq: After he got banned just now
[20:33] iamtiiq: He tried
[20:33] iamtiiq: But he coudnt get in
[20:33] iamtiiq: Iv registered at my house
[20:34] Althia: interesting
[20:34] Althia: then explain me how you got to know mythic?
[20:35] iamtiiq: He told me to join mythic cuz he needed more ppl to join his fac
[20:35] iamtiiq: This was like a month ago
[20:35] iamtiiq: I kept ignoring him and then just joined
[20:35] iamtiiq: He said it was similar to Team extreme
[20:36] Althia: so you know team extreme
[20:36] Althia: interesting
[20:37] Althia: when did you create your discord account btw?
[20:37] iamtiiq: Just now
[20:37] iamtiiq: For the appeal
[20:37] iamtiiq: I had an old one but i forgot the emails password
[20:37] Althia: any other evidence you want to submit?
[20:38] iamtiiq: No thats all i got
[20:40] Althia: unfortunately that’s not enough proof
[20:40] iamtiiq: If i had recording of me playing with him then i would have shown you that
[20:40] iamtiiq: But i dont record myself
[20:40] Althia: no point in continuing this ban appeal
[20:40] iamtiiq: Ayt
[20:40] Althia: appeal denied
[20:40] Althia: I’ll be closing your ticket now
[20:40] iamtiiq: Oke
[20:40] iamtiiq: Cya
[20:40] BOT Hydra: This channel is now closed, and only visible to staff.