Discord ticket: Skin - Tqti_

10/03/2021 - Skin#4403 (819167964997484574) - Times are in GMT +5:30
Ticket topic: ban appeal
Channel ID: 819169110041690125

[16:56] Skin: hello?
[16:57] Skin: admin?
[16:57] ibu2awesome: In-game name:
Ban Reason:
Plead: Guilty or Innocent
Reason for pleading:(edited at 16:57)
[16:57] ibu2awesome: fill out this format
[17:02] Skin: ban reason: i lied to staff
plead:please let me join back mythic server
reason for pleading:i like mythicmc its the only server i can play
[17:03] Skin: ?
[17:04] Skin: admin?
[17:04] Althia: Now you wait
[17:04] Skin: how much?
[17:08] Skin: im waiting
[17:10] Althia: Waiting in silence would be the best option for you
[17:19] Tqti_: @ Skin Hello skin, do you remember what did you do that caused you to get banned?
[17:19] Skin: ye
[17:19] Tqti_: Could you tell me what do you remember?
[17:20] Skin: i lied
[17:20] Tqti_: Lied about what?
[17:20] Skin: about blaming others
[17:21] Tqti_: That’s the only thing you remember?
[17:21] Skin: ?
[17:21] Skin: i got send to jail
[17:21] Skin: for 5 days
[17:22] Tqti_: You lied about someone killing you with lava in factions, meanwhile you were the one trying to kill that person and annoying him a lot. Am I correct?
[17:23] Skin: yes
[17:25] Skin: but the one i blamed when i was banned by you also annoyed me
[17:27] Tqti_: If someone was annoying you, you could easily ask him to stop or even try contacting a staff member, but you decided to lie about the situation and attempt to kill him.
[17:27] Tqti_: Why did you ban evade and didn’t ban appeal with your original account?
[17:27] Skin: i did the wrong thing
[17:27] Skin: yes
[17:28] Skin: becoause i ddint had a account
[17:28] Tqti_: What do you mean?
[17:28] Skin: i mean i didnt had a discord account i made one now
[17:31] Tqti_: Ok, then why didn’t you say in game when you registered this account that you are ban evading and wishing to make a ban appeal?
[17:32] Skin: i knew peple will tell staff i have a diff acc i make be ban again
[17:33] Tqti_: When you get banned you are supposed to ban appeal to play again, if you ban evade it makes your situation worse and increases the chances of your ban appeal getting denied.
[17:34] Skin: i didnt knew
[17:35] Tqti_: Then it’s a great chance for you to read the rules again https://rules.mythicmc.org/
Tell me which exact rules you broke
[17:35] Skin: ok
[17:35] Skin: Abusing other players
[17:36] Skin: Only 1 Account per player and IP
[17:37] Skin: thats it
[17:38] Tqti_: -Abusing other players is not allowed.
-Reporting players falsely or attempting to get them banned without a valid reason is not allowed.
-Killing players outside the PvP zone is not allowed.
-Only 1 Account per player and IP.

am I correct?
[17:38] Skin: yes
[17:38] Tqti_: Alright, which account would you like to keep?
[17:38] Tqti_: Ayan or Skin
[17:39] Skin: Skin
[17:39] Skin: so i got my account back?
[17:40] Tqti_: Have you register an another account while you were banned with Ayan? If yes it’s a good chance to mention it now than later(edited at 17:40)
[17:40] Skin: skin
[17:42] Tqti_: You have been unbanned, don’t make me regret my decision and be aware of the server rules carefully. Any other question?
[17:43] Skin: thanks i dont want to ask anymore questions
[17:44] Tqti_: Noting that if you break a rule, you won’t have a chance to ban appeal, will be instantly denied alright?
[17:44] Skin: wait i cant join the server
[17:44] Tqti_: What’s the error
[17:45] Skin: =ayan.skin ban evader
[17:46] Tqti_: I’m sure that you are unbanned, can you try again?
[17:46] Skin: no
[17:48] Tqti_: When you get the chance to log in again let me know, I will leave the ticket open
[17:48] Skin: ok
[17:49] Skin: im banned by console
[17:50] Tqti_: Did it work now?
[17:50] Skin: yes
[17:50] Skin: thanks
[17:51] Tqti_: Do you know supreme_rage?
[17:51] Skin: thats me
[17:51] Skin: u can baan that acc
[17:52] Tqti_:

Have you register an another account while you were banned with Ayan? If yes it’s a good chance to mention it now than later

[17:52] Skin: no i registered with supreme_rage when i was banned with skin
[17:53] Tqti_: … alright maybe I should’ve been more clear. Could you name all of the accounts you registered in general?
[17:53] Skin: ayan skin supreme_rage
[17:54] Tqti_: You sure are only these 3?
[17:55] Skin: yes i thin
[17:59] BOT Hydra: This channel is now closed, and only visible to staff.