Discord ticket: PonyLeet_ - banned for abusing papers - Zorioux

09/01/2021 - legendatop5#1802 (702535123912097923) - Times are in GMT +5:30
Ticket title: banned for abusing papers
Channel ID: 797460214387310612

[19:17] PonyLeet_: Hello, can you please unban. It won’t happen again. Please excuse me. What do I need to do to unban
[19:18] PonyLeet_: Please excuse me, this will not happen again. I beg you
[19:27] Zorioux: You are banned until I take the money that have been abused by you (making papers in anvil and selling them to bubble_nugget) and a small talk
[19:27] Zorioux: And you will be free to go
[19:32] PonyLeet_: @ Zorioux Can I somehow work out this amount?
[19:32] Zorioux: The only thing is need to be done is check the logs of how many you sold(illegally not the one you won) and takr that money from you
[19:37] PonyLeet_: Hmm. There was 700-800k approximately, sign me 1 million(edited at 19:44)
[20:07] PonyLeet_: @ Zorioux Such a question, and how will the amount go if there is not enough money in the account, in the minus?(edited at 20:08)
[20:14] Zorioux: you will be in debt aka negative balance
[20:16] PonyLeet_: understood, thank you very much.
[20:23] Zorioux: so you basically made 785,000 with the papers you made
and you somehow spend it in few days e.e
after the first win, you bought 26 times x 2500 one
so will get back 65,000
so taking from you 720,000
you are 430k in debt, you must fill that up as soon as possible to cover your debt
if you keep on negative balance for too long, I will have to take from your stuff and sell them myself at any price i get
[20:24] PonyLeet_: Okay, I get it
[20:27] Zorioux: in general it is bubble’s fault and responsibility, but there is also a rule that prevent abusing such stuff, which put you in trouble as well, do NOT abuse such stuff and report them as soon as possible rather take advantage of it
[20:29] Zorioux: unbanned
[20:29] PonyLeet_: Okay, I get you, now I’ll know
[20:31] BOT Hydra: This channel is now closed, and only visible to staff.

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