Discord ticket: loft - = k208 - CONSOLE

26/01/2021 - loft#4797 (now deleted) - Times are in GMT +5:30
Ticket title: I have banned code=k208
Channel ID: 803402803740541011

[04:46] Deleted User: I have banned code = k208
[04:46] Deleted User: what is this
[04:47] Deleted User: my game name is: loft
[04:48] Deleted User: Console banned me with this code k208
[04:49] Deleted User: what should I do?
[13:47] ibu2awesome: [13:32] loft: sorry sir can you help me with ticket
[13:33] voldemort: no, wait for response, people in Europe are still sleeping rn and I’m not the one dealing with your ban
[13:34] loft: what is this self-righteousness?,
[13:35] voldemort: do you even know what self-righteousness means… just wait for a while until the person dealing with your ban responds to you
[13:36] loft: sorry for my bad English
[13:42] loft: but I know whats thats mean. and I know what is the time in europa. be respectful when talking to me. fuck your idiot poor server. son of a bitch. now you can fuck out
[13:47] BOT Hydra: This channel is now closed, and only visible to staff.

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