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27/01/2021 - babylon#2248 (now deleted) - Times are in GMT +5:30
Ticket title: I was banned!
Channel ID: 803724468152565800

[02:04] Deleted User: my ingame name angel_eye(edited at 04:20)
[02:04] Deleted User: today I have banned(edited at 04:20)
[02:04] Deleted User: did I something wrong?(edited at 04:20)
[02:06] Deleted User: Could it be because my leader was banned? I just met him yesterday. I did not know before.
[03:25] Althia: Copy and fill the format please:
In-game name:
Discord ID:
Ban Reason:
Plead: -Guilty or innocent.
Reason for pleading:
[04:10] Deleted User: in game name: angel_eye
Discord ID: babylon#2248
Plead: innocent
Reason for pleading: I registered server 2 days ago and banned. I think it is because of my leader’s ban. But I just met him or her yesterday. I did not know him or her before. Today I saw he or she has banned. That’s all. I did not do anything and requesting unban.(edited at 14:44)
[04:12] Deleted User: Because I really like this server. Economy is good and I think earn game money will be funny. And server is not crowd. It is good for me.(edited at 04:23)
[04:19] Deleted User: Thanks in advance
[17:23] Deleted User: Can I login today?
[17:24] Astelon_: Nope
[17:25] Astelon_: I’m fairly certain you are related to Bluish, aksu and Marcus_Wright
[17:25] Astelon_: But I’ll still hear you out on how you met loft
[17:32] Deleted User: I don’t know any of the people you said.
[17:33] Deleted User: Do you ban every newcomer to the server?
[17:33] Deleted User: interesting strategy
[17:33] Astelon_: Nope, only those breaking rules
[17:33] Deleted User: you can check all I met him or her 2 days ago
[17:33] Astelon_: If it’s proven you broke no rules, you’ll be unbanned
[17:34] Astelon_: Yup, I checked that
[17:34] Astelon_: Do tell me how you met him
[17:34] Deleted User: I really don’t know who they are
[17:34] Deleted User: I was waiting in spawn
[17:34] Deleted User: and that guy come and talked with me
[17:35] Deleted User: I think it was faction spawn
[17:35] Deleted User: he said he is looking good builder
[17:36] Deleted User: and offered me to be an officer for inviting people
[17:37] Deleted User: first he asked me something about game before invite me
[17:38] Deleted User: tried to describe some things to me how I can pm or join fac
[17:38] Deleted User: he said he was new in here
[17:38] Deleted User: and planing build good faction
[17:39] Deleted User: and asked me wanna help to him or her
[17:39] Deleted User: I said ‘okay’
[17:39] Deleted User: After he invited me
[17:40] Deleted User: one day later he asked me want I to be an officer?
[17:40] Deleted User: I said no
[17:40] Deleted User: I said just building access enough for me
[17:40] Deleted User: and he said it is done
[17:41] Deleted User: and yesterday I pmed to him but he was not online
[17:41] Deleted User: and do /seen I saw hje or she was banned
[17:42] Deleted User: And I never broke any rules while playing
[17:43] Deleted User: I newer say lie for this simple things
[17:44] Deleted User: But I’m really sorry I was accused of lying
[17:45] Deleted User: I never did not hear any of these guys
[17:45] Deleted User: Now can you please tell me which rule did I break?
[17:48] Astelon_: I’ll look into this some more
[17:48] Astelon_: For now, evading a ban
[17:49] Deleted User: haha evading oh my god
[17:49] Deleted User: The reason why I chose this server and wait so long is that the economy is not complicated.
[17:50] Deleted User: but if you don’t believe you know
[17:50] Astelon_: Can you explain more on this?
[17:51] Deleted User: in other servers economy and earning money is complicated. spawners,extra cubits,votes,bla bla
[17:51] Deleted User: but here the harder you work the more you earn
[17:52] Astelon_: What do you mean you waited so long?
[17:52] Astelon_: What exactly did you wait for?
[17:52] Deleted User: Yes Im waiting this unban for 1day cos I think I liked here
[17:53] Deleted User: but my honor is broken because you accuse me of lies
[17:53] Astelon_: :bhuh:
[17:54] Deleted User: yeah sorry but I’m 29 and I don’t need to lie for these simple things
[17:55] Deleted User: If I had a premium account I would join others
[17:55] Deleted User: but here I can join without premium
[17:56] Deleted User: this is the 2nd reason
[17:56] Deleted User: I haven’t really been here before.
[17:57] Astelon_: Well, if you’re 29, I’m sure you’d understand that your ban is not the only thing I have to deal with
[17:57] Deleted User: sure sure you are right
[17:57] Deleted User: being an admin not easy
[17:57] Deleted User: just bored
[17:57] Deleted User: 24 hours :frowning:
[17:58] Deleted User: I think ban evading mean is ‘have ban and come again’(edited at 18:00)
[17:58] Deleted User: if yes I haven’t really been here before.
[17:59] Deleted User: I guess I just talked to the wrong person at the wrong time
[17:59] Deleted User: and join wrong faction
[18:02] Astelon_: I’ll look more into this
[18:02] Astelon_: Yup, ban evading means being banned on one account and creating another to bypass the ban
[18:03] Deleted User: wrong time wrong place wrong guy
[18:04] Deleted User: I understand you ok
[18:04] Deleted User: you are right but I would be very happy if you do your review as soon as possible. Because I’m really boring at home all day.

28 January 2021
[00:16] Deleted User: Sorry Astelon is there any news?
[00:18] Astelon_: Not for now, sorry
[00:19] Deleted User: No problem. I’m waiting :slight_smile:

29 January 2021
[16:55] Astelon_:

[16:55] Astelon_: They really need to be more patient
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[17:16] ibu2awesome: the copypastas continue
[17:16] ibu2awesome: we’ll run out of discord channels
[17:16] ibu2awesome: should release forums

30 January 2021
[02:06] ibu2awesome:

I’m pretty sure you’re a dishonest You’ve been wasting my time for 4 days. Unjustly. I hope you go to hell. Little son of a bitch

[04:00] MasterRainboom: publish a book full of them for archival purposes
[04:25] Zorioux: accepted appeals and 100 other jokes you never seen