CONSOLE - Illegal client modifications - TheMinekBolt

In-game name: TheMinekBolt
Discord ID: TheMinekBolt#7606
Ban Reason: Illegal client modifications
Plead: Innocent
Reason for pleading: I won’t survive leaving such a server
Apology: Hey, let me get straight to the point. On survival, me and Blade102_7TP were messing around. I basically threw him a low-durability shield and asked him to hold it and I would drag-click attack it with my fist to see if the durability would go down rapidly (which would be satisfying). It didn’t, so we thought, maybe that’s because I gotta hit it with a weapon, so I repeated the same thing with an iron sword. It worked, I drilled through his shield, and I got banned after that.
I had drag clicked in the past, which would get me kicked, yes. I did get kicked twice when doing the punching thing, but it always just kicked me and all was fine.
I always just stopped doing that after the kick. You see, trying the same thing with a sword after getting kicked twice was rash and not too bright of me but yeah, I didn’t expect a perm-ban. I had indeed learned my lesson and I probably won’t drag-click on Mythic in the future.
Also Blade will confirm all of this. We were on a VC at the time.
Sorry for the long post, I couldn’t shorten it.
Sincerely, Minek.

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Hmm, well looked through it, unbanned.