CONSOLE - Illegal client modifications - Mr_Kieks

In-game name: Mr_Kieks
Discord ID: Mr_Kieks#6640
Ban Reason: Illegal client modifications
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading:
So Console didn’t false flag. I was trying to test wether any bedrock-breaking methods work, which required me to place a block at a specific time (There was a specific block in my way and breaking bedrock isnt stated as against the rules). I have this option to rebind my right or left click to my scroll wheel so when I scroll it clicks very fast (kinda like an autoclicker, but seeing how I need to actively scroll it wasn’t an autoclicker in my opionion, seeing how it wasnt automatic you know?)
Seeing how Console banned me on what I’m assuming is too many CPS (clicks per second) I understand that even this will most likely count as an autoclicker, so I will not use it in the future.

I’m sorry for being naive asto what is and isn’t an autoclicker, and I am also sorry for making more work for you for having to read through this.

Thank you for you time, I hope this makes sense and I’m not completely ooblivious.