Chest of Enchanted book (single enchantment)

Items: Single Chest of enchanted books, content:
1 Power IV
2 Power III
2 Fire Protection III
4 Protection III
2 Piercing III
3 Loyalty III
1 Sharpness IV
2 Sharpness III
1 Lure III
1 Efficiency III
1 Fortune II
1 Multishot
1 Respiration III
1 Respiration II
1 Quick Charge II
1 Punch I
1 Knockback II
1 Aqua Affinity

Starting price: 10000
Minimum bid requirement: 1000
Buyout price:
Duration time: 5d

I have the right to cancel the auction.

Auction finished, if anyone is interested in 1 or more of this books individually send me a message here, In game or on Discord!