Avalon NO CANCELLATION auction: 1 stack of emerald ore blocks

Items: 1 stack of emerald ore blocks
Starting price: 100k
Minimum bid requirement: 5k
Buyout price: 500k
Duration time: 1 month (Until 27 June 2022 16.00 GMT+7) or one week after last bid, whichever comes longer.

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Is it emerald ore or emerald blocks…
if it’s blocks i’ll bid but that’s overpriced for ore.

Ore. I dont know market price for emerald.

Shall we close the auction then?

Same stuff goes which I mentioned in the heart of the sea auction, when duration ends, can close it yes. Also market price for emerald ore is, if we average emerald ores dropping 2.2 emerald per ore, and market price for emeralds is 250$ normally. So your items would be worth 35,200$ in-game money only actually.

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Thank you for your information. Sometimes I wish we could have server’s recommended price for all items so we could have a fairer trade. As seller want the best price for their item, and so do the buyer.

I was once working on a list of prices… but gathering info takes forever and i have more important things to do

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I’ve that project coming real soon.