Account request for my son

Requested name: Lulu
Reason: For my son to play with me
Players names on your IP (list them all): Ayu9413

Generally we require the player who the account is for to make the account request themselves for account security reasons. We don’t DM passwords to other people.

Is there any reason your son can’t make the request himself?

when he use his computer to register, it said same IP only allow to register one account.
and then i found some place said need to go to Forum and talk to the admin.

by the way, i just register yesterday, but i already forgot my password.
i was make up a password and then later on want to change it back.
This morning, i try few times and it locked…
Any way you can help me make one for myself and another one for my son to play together?

I reset you password and messaged it to you.

As for your son getting an account to play with you, this requires your son to request the account himself; or atleast for him to have a forums account so we can message them their default password. We do not message passwords to people other then the account holder, as this is a security issue, not to mention someone using another person account is considered account sharing and is not allowed according to the rules. I can create your son an account after he makes a forum account and replys to this topic so I can message him his default password. If there is a reason he’s not able to make a forums account please tell me.

Closed due to no reply in 5 months, if the request is still needed a new topic will have to be opened.