Account request for me

Just requesting a mc account for myself

please get me a mc account

The only reason you’d need to request an account here is if there was another player using the same internet connection as you already.

Is there? If so what is there name?

No but i logged in the other day to my just created account and then the game crashed meaning i lost my account

The game crashing does not affect your account.

Just run /login <your password> if you registered earlier, otherwise you’ll need to login and register with /register <your password> <your password>

Idk then but I registered a few days ago and now I do not have an account anymore but just a username
My username in Minecraft is BeanGamer2011

An account under that name does not exist, but on exists under BeanGamer32

I changed my mc username to Klaus2011Pika as i told u

this will be continued in a different topic