Account request for a (relative and friends)

Can you please add them as a new player?
Name: Triximus and Killer_Axe


We require the people that the accounts are for request an account themselves. We don’t send passwords after registering the accounts to people other then the owners of the account because it’s a security issue. The format was also done incorrectly.

Please get the 2 players to reply here using the following format and the accounts can be created.:

Requested name:
Players names on your IP (list them all):

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Hello Sir/Ma’am,
I am one of the relative’s of this player
And I want to play in this server
GameName: Triximus
Thank You!

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Your account was registered, I have dmed the password to login with.

As a reminder sharing accounts is not allowed. Please do not share your account with anyone especially your relative.

Is killeraxe going to come make a post for the request at somepoint?