Account is banned


In-game name: NOT_GOD
Discord ID: No Id
Ban Reason: Account sharing
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading:Give me one more chance because i do not know :sob:
Apology:I gave my account to my friend because i was unable to play 1 month and their was a rule that if u offline till 1 month you get automatically kicked from faction and i was my faction’s officer . So sorry for that please give me one more chance to play i apologize :pray: Btw i didn’t reply first appeal bcz i was busy :sob: and Please please please this is my 2nd appeal
My stupid brother plays on my laptop and i’m now knowing he plays in Mythic he just now told me :smiling_face_with_tear:
Ok This is my last message forever …

Ast already denied your appeal.
Once an appeal is denied, it does not get reconsidered.

I’ll gladly give you a forums ban if you make another appeal after this.

Let me explain to you why you’re not getting unbanned, since you seem to not understand. This isn’t because of account sharing, but because you evaded at least twice. If you hadn’t evaded again on INCeNDiUS47, I would probably have unbanned you. But you couldn’t care less about the rules when you were supposed to show that you’re willing to follow them to be given a second chance, so you will not be unbanned. The same goes for aaradhya, he was almost unbanned, but he evaded, so he’s not getting unbanned either.