A 'year' supply of Shulker shells

Items: 1 DC of Shulker shells and 1 SC chest
Starting price: 1k
Minimum bid requirement: 1k
Buyout price: none
Duration time: 31 days (Thursday, 16 june)

I have the right to cancel the auction.

End in Saturday 16 July xD mistake in the end date haha

Lemme start with 169k

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meme bid above i see


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300k, please remind me if I win, I am not active

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3 2 0 k a n d s o m e r a n d o m l e t t e r

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and some more random letters

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Weak game, 420k

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I really need smth to store my stone in.


Nums win da auction. Since you are staff just head to wings and there will be a chest waiting for you to pick up.

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O3O is this how I tag someone?

@MaryMiracle like on discord